CJ Crosland is a self-taught artist and photographer who uses whatever experiences life brings, and seeks to capture the essence of their individual experience and the powerful emotions which are central to it.
Their work has been described as exploratory, introspective, poetic and powerful.

CJ Crosland has shown work in the following exhibitions:
- Surrey Open Art (2012)
- Surrey Open Photography Exhibition (2014 & 2017)
- London Independent Photography Annual Exhibitions (2012 & 2014)
- We Are LGBT (London, 2015)
- When Death Comes (Bristol, 2015)
- Loudest Whispers (London, 2016 & 2017)
- Hit The Road by The Photocopy Club (Poland, 2016)
- The Impossible Image by The Photocopy Club (Belgium, 2016)

CJ has had work published in several editions of London Independent Photography’s “fLIP” magazine.

Most images are available as prints - see the Sales page for further details.

"Mind Games" - available from Blurb: http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/4166908-mind-games
"Playing With Perception" - New 2017 edition now available. For more details, send me a message via the Contact page or email to photos@cjcrosland.com

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