The Topography of Identity
A selection from a series of 7 self-portraits which explore the questions:
How does one go about mapping the richness and intricacies of human identity? Is it even possible?
Mind Games 09 Mind Games
A psychological series, exploring the unconscious mind.
The whole series is available as a book or individual prints.
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6 inches Being Human
A series exploring life as a high-maintenance human.
"I can't tell you what it really is, only what it feels like" -- Love the way you lie, Eminem Ft. Rihanna
This project is a work in progress, consisting of 70+ images and writing, created over the course of several years. The pictures shown here are the four which were shown in the LIP 26th Annual Exhibition at the Embassy Tea Gallery in London, during Oct/Nov 2014.
Exploring the bleak and beautiful landscape of the Dungeness headland, on the coast of Kent, England.
Digital Collage West Pier - Brighton Places
Images evoking particular places
Bowler Street Photography
Moments from everyday life
Coke can Driven to Abstraction
Exploring shapes, colours, patterns & textures
The Journey Home
Late at night
Light Up The Dark
A reaction against long, dark winter nights
Berries Nature
Exploring the beauty of nature